The Barrie Colon Hydrotherapy & Nutrition Clinic has been serving barrie in natural health services for over 5 years. We are excited to announce that we have moved our practice and joined the team at Bodystream Inc., located in the south end of Barrie.
Colon hydrotherapy is a gentle hygienic way of restoring the colon to a healthy state. Today, we are exposed to more stress, chemicals, drugs and food additives than ever before in our history.
The removal of these toxins from our body is essential for optimal health. Poor diet, inadequate water intake, lack of exercise and stress can all cause fecal matter to become impacted on the colon walls. This fecal matter can contain putrefied food, indigestible chemicals, bacteria, viruses, yeast and parasites.
The toxins in the fecal matter are absorbed by the colon wall and re-circulate through the blood stream; this process is called ?autointoxication?. As these toxins circulate the body, the lymphatic, circulatory systems, liver, lungs and kidneys become overburdened and when these systems are unable to cope with this toxic overload your body becomes at risk for serious health problems.
Symptoms of autointoxication include:
Acne Frequent Colds
Difficult Weight Loss Bloating
Headaches Asthma
Foul Body/Breath Odor Diarrhea/Constipation
Allergies Indigestion
Arthritis Irritability/Nervousness
Chronic Fatigue Depression
Colon hydrotherapy effectively removes this toxic matter while detoxifying the body and assisting the other organs of elimination in functioning properly.
Upon arrival to the clinic the client will discuss with the therapist, their objectives for receiving the treatment and any questions the client might have will be answered at this time.
At the start of the treatment, the therapist administers a lower abdominal massage, which helps to increase peristaltic action and loosens impacted fecal matter, this will also give the therapist a good idea of what condition the colon is in.
After the massage, the client lies on their side as a disposable proctoscope is gently inserted into the rectum. A gentle flow of purified water enters the colon through gravity technique. During one treatment, 20-30 gallons of water are used.
As the water leaves out a separate tube, it carries with it impacted fecal matter, gas and mucus. Unlike an enema, which cleanses only the first 8-12 inches, this process cleanses the entire length of the colon. Throughout the treatment, a lower abdominal massage is performed which helps achieve better results.
Clients may notice dramatic differences in the appearance of the skin and eyes, feel lighter and have more energy within days of treatment.